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our passion project

Fresh Cosmetic Studio is very passionate about helping those with more sensitive & meaningful transformations.

Some of our past clients has included 

clients with Alopecia, Cancer Survivors, clients with severe lip scarring,

clients with previous work that is completely

botched and needs help with the tattoo removal & restoration brows or lips.

Our mission is to provide solutions to clients who fall under a medical & restorative cosmetic tattoo experience, and we are happy to announce that our artist are available for these services. 

These appointments are offered at a discount rate per each artist, with a photo, description of the area you'd like tattooed & your story.

Quarterly, we go through our Pro-Bono request and offer a service free of charge to 1 client in need. Applications will be attached below. You can request an appointment for yourself, or friends/family can write in on behalf of the person they think would benefit.


Our Pro-Bono appointments

only apply to medical restorative tattooing. 


lip blushing
lib blushing before and after


eyebrow tattoo


eyebrow tattoo
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