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Types of Brow Services: Decoding Brow Styles in Austin, Texas

If you're deciding to get your brows tattooed, these are the 4 types of services you need to know about. Each client requires different brow services depending on skin type, your natural brow, lifestyle, and your desired outcome. Each service can have natural results that enhance your natural brow. It's important when you're choosing your cosmetic tattooer that you are educated on the services they can offer. Here's a breakdown and cheat sheet for each service. If you have any questions about a service, you can email Fresh Cosmetic Studio or text us at 737-336-7008


Microblading is brows created with a handheld tool, similar to an angled brush to apply brow make up or eyeliner. We create tiny hair-like strokes and apply pigment into those strokes to create a natural brow with only hair-like strokes. We apply numbing for the service, but it does have a unique sound similar to running your thumb on a comb. Microblading requires 2 session to start, then yearly touch up's to maintain the shape and color.

Nano Brows-

Similar to Microblading, Nano Brows are hair-like strokes that are tattooed into the brow area. These hair strokes are applied with a tattoo machine, making them less invasive for your skin. Nano brows give the same appearance as Microblading, but the difference is the application. Nano brows are great for clients who have a thicker skin barrier, previous work that was removed, brows with scar tissue, all skin types, and clients who need a longer lasting brow. Nano brows require 2 sessions to start, and then it's recommended to get yearly touch up's to refresh the pigment.

Combo Brows-

Combo brows are brows that include Microblading or Nano brows (the hair-like strokes) with added machine shading to create more dimension into the brow. Results are still natural, and are best for those without a lot of brow hair, clients who wear a lot of brow make up, clients with oil skin, or clients who need a longer lasting brow. We can do selective shading in the spots that need a little more density. Combo brows require 2 sessions to start, then yearly maintenance to upkeep the color and shape.

Powder Brows-

Powder brows are tattooed brows that only have machine shading, creating a "powder" or "makeup" look. This technique is great for clients who want a make up look, or clients who have previous work that needs to be covered. Depending on your desire outcome, powder brows are typically an ombre effect, with a saturated tail and arch that gradually gets lighter towards the front of the brow to avoid a harsh and bold brow.

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